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Beef or Chicken Kabobs

Posted 5/13/24 (Mon)

Beef or Chicken Kabobs

Hearty chicken or beef skewers with mushrooms, peppers, onion and grape tomatoes - delicious and ready for you in our meat case!

Fast-cooking and fun kabobs are an easy way to delight guests around the grill, whether it’s a group of 4 or 40. Steak, chicken, or shrimp -  surprise everyone by skewering up a variety of flavor-packed small bites.

Next, add your favorite additions - pinapple | onion | sweet or spicy peppers | mushrooms | mango | watermelon

Make ahead of time to relax and kick back with guests or try a build-your-own theme! Remember to oil the grill and to soak wooden or bamboo skewers at least 20 minutes.

Cheers to incredible kabobs!